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Joe Galloway: Inexorable March to War With Iran?

By Remy Benoit

From Joe Galloway, at the McClatchy Newspapers Commentary: Inexorable march toward war with Iran?.

May I suggest Barbara Tuchman's work?

The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam. and The Guns of August.

From Maya Schenwar at Truthout Democrats Stand Back as War Funding Continues.

By our Consitution, war making powers reside with Congress. Perhaps they need to be reminded of that. Contracting the Congress.

Petition: Stop Iran War.

From General Wes Clark at Securing America The Next War.

One way war can be averted is to use diplomacy. That means you speak with the opposition - directly - hopefully utilizing experts who understand the culture, language, position, history of our relations with said country. Macho politics are not the answer. Rational thinking, recognition of positions, and talking them through - that is diplomacy. That is what you do before you spend lives. As General Clark notes: War is the last, last resort. not the first choice. Ask the soldiers who have been there. This Congress was not elected to enable - it was elected to use its inherent powers. Its members don't seem to get that - it is always next year we will. How many more have to die and be disabled before they stop with the next years.Or perhaps someone has a secret plan to end the war.? Where have I heard that before?


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