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Things fall apart

By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC Tension grow as Kurd rebels kill Turkish troops
Turkish prime minister calls emergency meeting.

This is an area of the world with deep, underlying, unresolved issues; an area of the world where communication between conflicting groups requires deep mediation, skilled diplomacy. Instead, lacking these, things fall apart into escalating violence.

Individuals, groups, indeed, countries take positions that they convince themselves are absolutely, irrevocably right - and the walls go up that block communication; the tension mounts; the separation, the disruption, and, indeed, the violence often follows.

From Tom Englehardt at Tom's Dispatch BushÂ’s Pentagon Papers The Urge to Confess.

Sometimes the problems that non-communication can bring, the uneasiness, the unrest, the despair that come from non-communication can become more readily apparent when we view them on a smaller scale - the non-communication between just two people. I came across this very intense, very poignant short story by Marcela Carbajo at East of the Web Things We Do Not Want To Hear. that makes the point. Please just go to the link and type in the name of the story in the Search device. I can't seem to get you a direct link.

When have you been there on a personal level, on the level of a citizen, as a member of a group where things have been left unsaid and because of that can only lead to disaster? Tell us, share with us, your story.


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