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We all have a story. What is yours?

By Remy Benoit

I am introducing a new feature here at Welcome Home Soldier, hoping that it will encourage you to write, to share your stories. You don't have to be a best selling author to share your stories here; you just have to write from the soul.

I will be giving you links to stories, poems, essays that should encourage you to tell your stories, share your poems, share the truths of your heart gleaned from your experiences. All copyrights remain with you - of course.

You should feel free to utilize the Free Writing Seminar here at WHS - Using History for Healing and Writing to help you develop your story telling skills; to help make you more comfortable with sharing your words. People from all over the world contributed their writing to bring home to you that you can, and should, share your stories.

Stories, poems, essays on any topic are welcome if you would like to share yours. You may send me links to stories, poems, essays that you feel others would enjoy. Just go to Comments and follow the directions.

I will be happy to include links to your homepages as long as they are acceptable for all ages.

If you would like to share your review of a book with us, please do so.

Please invite your friends to join us.

As this is a pro bono site, please understand that any submission you make will be because you want to share, not to be paid, as I am not able to do the latter.

Since this is Welcome Home Soldier, I thought to bring your attention to this story told by a Vietnam Veteran about his homecoming and a beer - please join Ed Blanco at War Stories for Welcome Home, Soldier.

To help get you into a story frame of mind, try this and give a listen to Old Time Radio! Radio Lovers.

If you have reached the point with your writing that you need an Editor, please join me at Gentle Editing: Your Words - Your Way. Reduced rates for Veterans!

Writing helps with healing; sharing what you have written helps others to heal.
Miz' Remy


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