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Lizzie Palmer: Remember Me?

By Remy Benoit

Good evening,

Just the other day I stood in the parking lot of the local market
chatting with a Veteran of Vietnam; a man who had served as an
Airborne Ranger.

All these so many years later, he shared the
terrible pain he still felt with me - pain that came from being
spurned, from being walked away, from being treated
like he carried some plague; pain from when he came home
through an airport on the West Coast.

He is one of oh so many still aching from that experience;
still aching from not hearing Welcome home, and thank you for your service.

Today, well, are we really saying that, even if we smile, even if we mouth the words,
if we are not standing up and demanding loud and clear that our Veterans get
proper, respectful, and immediate care at the physical, mental, heart, and soul level?

Let your Welcome home, and thank you for your service be heard by our
Veterans; let it resound throughout the halls of power in D.C. until they have no
choice but to listen.

Don't miss this one - and, yes, please pass it along.

Remember Me? by Lizzie Palmer Remember Me?

Miz' Remy


Lizze Palmer has made(with help)probably the most beautiful tribute to our soldiers over there.My hat is off to her,the ones that helped her, and all of the soldiers fighting over there.Job well done!!!!!!!

Posted by: jeffrey garvaglia, at 2007-10-19 22:48:20

God bless our brave men and women, serving the USA. For us!

Posted by: BOB , at 2011-06-29 14:40:05

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