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Blackwater; Iraq; Weapons Smuggling; Climate

By Remy Benoit

From Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Dana Hedgpeth, The Washington Post, at MSNBC Blackwater’s rise tied to changing times
Terrorism, Bush administration’s outsourcing push spark firm’s growth.

From Brian Cook, In These Times Blackwater Nation.

You might want to scroll down a few days and check out John Cusack's interview with Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism.

We need some positive capitalist input, still, down here on the Gulf Coast - we, too, are America.

From Naomi Wolf at The Huffington Post American Tears.

Speaking of reconstruction - from David S. Cloud The New York Times, at Truthout Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is "a Nightmare".

From the AP at Illegal Weapons Exports Growing Fast.

From Megan Phelps at Mother Earth News - something you can do! What You Can Do About Global Climate Change. One of the things we can all do is to demand preservation and constant care of our wetlands wherever they are - they are there for a reason.


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