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The Rich Get Richer and the Middle and Lower Classes, well, you get the point

By Remy Benoit

"Equality for all" is still a dream, but a dream at least most of us still believe in it - despite the odds.

From Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal, at Truthout Income-Inequality Gap Widens.

Ah, oh yeah, if you have even one credit card, you really, really, really need to know about this little thing called the universal default rate. Once you learn about it, do give your Representatives and Senators a holler about it. Be a friend, let your friends in on this great awakening. Are You Being Cheated by Universal Default Rates?. And just think, you never have to pay any bill late; never have to pay a fee for an overdraft and have this happen as an additional penalty - they just let you play when they feel like it!

Anyone remember the American Dream? Time for Mr. Stewart to take to the banking again - or to go to Washington - with your voice.

But things are looking up on the war profiteering front - The Gavel: War Profiteering Prevention Act. Maybe there is hope for us. Gee, at $100 for every 15 pounds of wash I do, I might be able to afford the electric bill that helps keep this site running!

Miz' Remy


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