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Draft Gore?

By Remy Benoit

From Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times, at MSNBC Gore backers lead movement without candidate
Draft effort fueled by dissatisfaction with present candidates.

For those of you interested Draft Gore.

What the candidates, none of them, seem to "get" is that the public wants them to take a stand for what is right - not partisan, but right. The only way for them to come to that place, is for the voters to constantly remind them of what is needed; for the voters to remind them that governing by fear is destructive.

The public needs to remind those "in power" that any limitation of freedoms does not protect freedom - the Constitution sets up the guidelines - it would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that the Constitution calls for a separation of Church and State.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that no one starts a war without an exit plan; that no one with a heart rooted in our Constitution seeks to unbalance the balance of power.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that they are there to serve the best, the vital interests of the welfare of the country - not their own ends, not the ends of those who give massive campaign contributions.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that they represent the people, not a handful of corporations.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that we are all born, we all die, and that in between we need the best health care possible and that we don't need to be bankrupted by it. This kind of situation is just wrong - from SELF - Roxanne Patel Shepelavy at MSNBC How much is a life worth? New cancer drugs offer hope, but the price may be too high for some.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that if you make Veterans you are responsible for their well being.

Just that simple - just that hard.

Use your voice - speak your mind.

It might well be worth public funding of campaigns to eliminate the lobbyists with their special interests so that the interests of the country might be represented, and tended to.

It might be well worth sitting down and reading your Constitution to remember what its intent is - and that is not special interests, unbalanced power, nor pre-emptive war.

Where exactly are those WMD's? The public might do well to ask where the ones that Saddam once did have came from. You won't like the answers, but the answers will raise serious questions that the responsible public should ask - what is being done, by whom, in my name?

We need to be aware that we need a new mythology; that we need a new vision. You might find some new paths, new ideas to examine at these sites - opened minds help to open hearts - open hearts learn compassion - open hearts have no need to be ruled by fear - face realities and work through them.

MetaHistory - Beyond the Tyranny of Beliefs.

Mythic Imagination.

Future Primitive.


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