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Iran - Iraq - Veterans and More

By Remy Benoit

As other countries turn up the pressure on Iran, that country counters with accusations of U.S. as terrorists. From CNN Iran's parliament votes to label CIA, U.S. Army 'terrorist' groups.

From The New York Times, an Editorial at truthout Runaway (Spending) Train.

From Dan Eggen at The Washington Post at Truthout Iraq Wiretap Delay Not Quite as Presented.

From the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives at Veterans for Common Sense Congressman Hall to Chair Field Hearing on VA's 600,000 Claim Backlog Crisis in New Windsor, NY.

From Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina) at Veterans for Common Sense Editorial : Failing the Veterans.

From Katrina Vanden Heuvel at The Nation Ending War for Profit.

Is it in any way possible to field a candidate who is not deaf to the demands of the population? There is no excuse, none, to not properly care for our Veterans. There is no excuse that when a mandate is voted by the country for the Congress to not listen and respond to it. There is no excuse to not defend Constitutional Balances and Rights. The Constitution demands that the legislative branch make the laws; that the executive branch enforces them; that the judicial branch sees that it is done within the framework of the Constitution. What is so hard to understand about that? It is the Law of the Land - it is called democracy. Somehow we have gotten this muddled.

Former Senator Mike Gravel at Common Dreams Democrats Were Charged To End A War, Not Start One.

If you will scroll down through the comments, you will find how your Senators voted. Is it the vote you expected of them, wanted from them? If it isn't, let them know Contacting Congress. A phone call, a letter, an e-mail is a lot less expensive, in oh so many ways, than another war. It is your right - it is your duty.

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