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By Remy Benoit

   Promises are special things; trusts not to be violated.

   They come in all shapes and sizes from family, friends, sometimes employers, and ah, yes campaigning politicians.

   Sometimes they are kept, and sadly sometimes they are not. When that happens, there is hurt.
   Yet we make promises to ourselves, and those we often do not keep. They are often the most hurtful ones.

   Take time to reflect on the promises that you made yourself and have not kept.

   Write them down and reflect on them. Which ones are still filled with meaning for you, leave you with the sense of something important undone?

   Then start thinking about how you can fulfill them.

   A good place to start is with an overall review of the life style you are living.

   Are things and their accumulation getting in the way of the important promises?

   Are you overwhelmed with the "to go" list, with responsibilities that you have said yes to at others' requests or demands?

   Are you still carrying too much pain from something that came before?

   The question now is what do YOU want your life to mean? What is the thing that only you can do?

   How can you rearrange your life to do it? How can you let go of other  "stuff" to get to the right stuff?

   How will doing what you were meant to do help you fulfill your promises to yourself?

   What did the young you know that the older you has forgotten?

   Can you get down in one simple sentence what your mission is?

   Write the Mission Statement down, altering it until it truly says what you want to be remembered for.

   And then begin on that path to get to the real promise of yourself.



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