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A question that only you can answer: Where are you, America?

By Remy Benoit

It has never been a secret that our Veterans are not given the best possible care.

It has been 4 decades since Ron Kovic told his story in Born on the 4th of July which graphically outlined treatment at the VA.

It is no secret that soldiers were exposed to nuclear testing National Association of Atomic Veterans, Inc.

The cases, suits, horrid illnesses associated with Agent Orange are no secret. Agent Orange.

It is no secret that living with PTSD is living in a living hell. National Center for PTSD.

It is no secret that any given evening about a quarter of a million of our Veterans are sleeping on the streets. National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

It is no secret that there are about 600,000 Veterans on VA waiting lists - often for months.
Dogen Hannah at the Oakland Tribune ( Find Articles ) Vets sue VA over lapses in care.

It is no secret that depleted uranium may cause health problems when it enters the body.Depleted Uranium. Look for the upcoming book by Lonnie D. Story An excerpt from the book “Without A Shot Fired: The Dustin Brim Story” by Lonnie D. Story.

Let's assume that it is a given that we know that historically there have been, and currently are, major issues involving the care of our Veterans.

Last week, Senator Jim Webb's bill that soldiers be given down time proportionate to their time in combat was voted down. From The Washington Post, Shailagh Murray and Jonathan Weisman Longer Leaves for Troops Blocked.

Again, all of this is common knowledge.

If, if each family with someone in active duty wrote, e-mailed, called Congress or the White House there would be at the very least a half a million contacts. If multiple family members did that, the numbers would grow.

If every Veteran and his or her family did that, the numbers would explode.

If all Americans did that, the numbers would burst out with a voice that could not be denied.

These are the numbers you need:

Contacting Congress.

Contact the White House.

So, back to the initial question - Where are you, America? The problems above can be taken righteous care of if you pick up the phones, write the letters, click the keys and demand they are.

Today, this day, every day, we are making more Veterans. Their care is up to you.

One more time, Where are you, America? Keep the Covenant. Be there for them as they are, and have been for you. It is the right, it is the only decent, moral thing to do.

As always, I need your comments and your guidance.

Miz' Remy

And here is an FYI for you from The Washington Post, Megan Greenwell at Truthout Cholera Spreads From Northern Iraq to Baghdad.


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