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A Book Well Worth the Time: White Doves at Morning

By Remy Benoit

A book was suggested to me, a book by a man whose work I have read much of.

The book is White Doves at Morning by James Lee Burke.
Some of you may be familiar with his Dave Robicheaux series.

White Doves at Morning is quite different. It is a Civil War story, a story of some of Burke's own relatives.

There is a touch in this work that speaks to the reader; a honesty about men in war and the conflicting emotions concomitant with that.

There is a touch in this work that makes Louisiana breathe real for you.

There is in this work the verities of the battlefield.

War changes people; brings out the best and the worst.

From the battlefield at Shiloh, to an abolitionist living in Louisiana; from the slave daughter of a plantation owner, to Angola Plantation and the Knights of the White Camelia, Burke's pen opens doors, windows, shutters to a world of a different time. Meet Willie Burke, Robert Perry, Abigail Dowling, Ira Jamison, Flower Jamison and know that though these people lived in a world "gone with the wind" that they are characters you might find in any time or place, or, indeed, in yourself.

That is the gift the true story teller brings to you.


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