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The Niquahanam Project: Help to Heal the World

By Remy Benoit

A special project in connection with Using History for Healing and Writing.

Do you remember the term "grassroots democracy"? It is the expression of the talent, the dreams, and the will of the people.
"We the people."

True healing comes when we reach out to heal others. Each of us carries some pain, anger, remorse, guilt, disappointment. Yet, even with all that, there is joy. Whatever our individual burden, we carry skills, knowledge, talent, and a creative spirit. Each of us has something that fuels our passion.

I am asking you to share your expertise, your passion. The world we live in is filled with abundance, but it also filled with pain. There is vast need for your talent, your creative spirit, your ideas, your passion.

I am asking you to write down your thoughts and your ideas for healing the pain of this planet and its people, and sent them to me at:

If enough of us take the time to think, to dream, and to share, somewhere in this creative flow we already have all the answers we need.

Everything ever done started with an idea. Often the dreamer was told it could not be done. But everything around you came to be because someone stayed with the dream.

You who have served in war know its truths. This is another chance to serve the peace.
Is your expertise in agriculture? How do we feed the hungry?
Is your expertise in education? How do we educate our young to build a world better than the one we leave them?
Is your expertise history? How do we learn from and use that history?
Is your expertise law? How do we make justice work for everyone?
Is your expertise science? How do we generate a decent lifestyle for everyone?
Mechanics, math, city planning, physical and mental health, flower cultivation, hair styling, maintenance, engineering, anything you do, anything you can dream to solve the problems we have inherited and are passing on, share it.
If you are a writer, a poet, a philosopher, share your words, your thoughts, your dreams. If you are an artist share your eye, your vision.

I will collect your answers, order them, and do my utmost to see them published as a collection. We will start on the web, look for a book publisher, try any acceptable means to help share your input, to amplify it, and to find those who can implement it. If some of you out there have expertise in those areas, please do let us know.

It is our planet, there is no one to care for it and its inhabitants but us.

Share with grace and dignity. This is not the place for venting, this is the place for dreaming and sharing.

What kind of world do you want to leave the coming generations?

What do you want your legacy to be?


Another very eniretatning post. Ive been reading through some of your posts and finally decided to drop a comment on this one. Please feel free to visit my site

Posted by: Lindomar, at 2012-02-23 13:42:02

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