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Iraq - Iran

By Remy Benoit

The live questioning goes on, while the war goes on, while the dying and destruction go on for all sides.

From Gary Langer, ABC News at Truthout Iraqis Say Surge Is Not Working.

From the AP at MSNBC Petraeus: Partial Iraq troop exit possible in ’08
Top general tells Congress military goals of buildup met ‘in large measure’.

From Gen Wes Clark and Vote Vets Petition to Prevent War With Iran.

From Courtney E. Martin at The American Prospect
The Missing Measure of Our Outrage If most of us can agree the Iraq War is a colossal failure, why aren't we doing much about it?.

SEPTEMBER 15 Mass March in Washington DC! Gather at 12 noon at the White House.

This all rings so very familiar, doesn't it? We have been here before, and it is very hard to understand why we have allowed ourselves to be here again. There has to be a better way than feeding our young to the insatiable gods of war. What might happen if we worked as hard for diplomacy and reason as we do for war? What if we demanded the truth, not hype? What if we demanded that the BIG MEDIA allow more time for real in depth reporting instead of the who/what/who cares coverage of some celebrity who needs serious help? We get what we allow - we need to think about that.

From Tom Englehardt, Tom Dispatch, at Truthout Launching Brand Petraeus.

From CNN Seven U.S. troops die in Iraq vehicle accident.

From CNN Volunteers collect Baghdad's nameless dead.

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