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Fires, A Resignation, and Quick Ship

By Remy Benoit

From Reuters at MSNBC Winds fan flames as Greek blazes enter 4th day Ancient site of Olympia nearly destroyed; at least 61 people killed. This is the home of our Western democracy. Athens is a beautiful city. I found the Greek people open hearted, warm, and kind.
Our prayers and our sympathy go out to them.

Headline News at both MSNBC and CNN announcing Gonzales' resignation. Why did this take so long? Attorney General Gonzales resigns, officials say.Words truly fail me at the alleged choice of replacement.

From Josh White at The Washington Post Army’s ‘quick ship’ bonus proves popular
Recruits receive $20,000 if they agree to leave within days.

From David McFadden, AP, at Truthout Call at National Guard Conference for US Withdrawal From Iraq Greeted With Standing Ovation .

From Martin Griffith, AP at Common Dreams Protest To Meet Bush At Legion meeting.

From Elizabeth Sullivan at The Cleveland Plain Dealer The anti-leadership of a wartime president with blinders - Elizabeth Sullivan.

From Bill Brownstein at the Montreal Gazette Searing documentary on war complicity indicts not just U.S. politicos, but major media, too.

From CNN Iraq PM to U.S. lawmakers: Stay out of our politics.

From the AP at Iran Vows to Use Smart Bomb on Enemies.

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