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Watching Dean

By Remy Benoit

When Dean moved into the Gulf, we tightened up, knots in stomach, quickened nerve endings - memories, constant reminders of Katrina all around us two years later, yes even here with us having huge trees down, new growth just coming out on others so battered - we were the lucky ones - no damage to the home - no looking at the slab where the house used to stand - no fetching up family pictures out of muck and well, unmentionables.

The Gulf Coast still has huge problems that it seems will go on for a long, long time yet.

Dean is moving to Mexico, leaving destruction in its path - there were major, destructive storms north of us here having nothing to do with the hurricane. Our prayers are with them, with those being impacted by Dean.

Rick Perlstein at Tom Paine has some thoughts on national attention to any area of the country suffering from catastrophe. With levees, bridges, and roads across the country in need of repair, perhaps his thoughts will make you consider the old idea of there but for the grace of God go I.

You might also consider insisting in your own area that things that need tending to are taken care of. Use your voice - we need a collective voice demanding care of the homeland infrastructure.

Katrina: On The Question Of Patriotism.


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