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Bruce Fein on Impeachment - and much more

By Remy Benoit

Bruce Fein is a Constitutional Lawyer - Chairman of the American Freedom Agenda - at the San Francisco Chronicle Pelosi needs to put impeachment on the table.

From Bruce Kutter at The American Prospect First Gonzales, then Bush Impeachment should be a serious option -- with an intermediary step.

From Iraq today - over the last two days we have lost ten soldiers - from MSNBC Death toll soars to 175 in Iraq suicide bombings
Blasts that injured at least 200 targeted small Kurdish religious sect.

From the AP at Extended Iraq Rotations to Continue.

From Truthdig Matthew Rothschild - You Have No Rights.

From Nat Parry at Consortium News Congress's Orwellian Compromise.

From Sen. Leahy says Rove leaving the White House under a cloud.

From Jonathan Alter, Newsweek, at Truthout I Know What You Did Last Summer.

From General Wes Clark and Kal Raustiala, WesPack, the New York Times Why Terrorists Aren’t Soldiers.

There is so very much out there of such disturbing consequences. Perhaps it is good to remember that people are also living life on a daily basis, although also perhaps, the news would not be so disturbing if more people in this democracy took an active role in its care taking. Be that as it is, join me for the reasons we in Louisiana so love this place at Louisiana in Words. and at French Quarter Fiction: The Newest Stories of America's Oldest Bohemia. Also, do join our much loved and respected editor for those two anthologies, Joshua Clark, for his eye-witness account of what happened to our beloved Gulf Coast when Katrina came. Heart Like Water: Surviving Katrina and Life in Its Disaster Zone.

We are coming into the peak of hurricane season - depressions may be forming about the Caribbean, in the Atlantic; Flossie (at CNN) Flossie whips across Hawaii after small earthquake. Be aware, when these storms come the responsibility for being prepared rests with you - just as does the welfare of your country. FEMA trailers are not long term answers - if anything, perhaps producers of long term problems. From Mike Brunker at MSNBC Are FEMA trailers ‘toxic tin cans’? Private testing finds high levels of formaldehyde; residents report illnesses.

Your responsibility is not just in gathering bottled water - it is in knowing evacuation routes, in securing property, making sure you have the proper medicines, papers, etc. Your responsibility to the democracy at large is the ever present 'eternal vigilance' - your voice and your vote. The 4th Amendment is under grave concern; what about the 1st, the 2nd, etc? Are they next?

Remember tonight, when you turn out the light, things are not as they should be at the VA; there are long waiting lists for treatment for our Veterans; and there are, on the streets of your, and the country they fought for, over 250,000 Veterans homeless - no light to turn out; no covers to pull up - no hope.

What jobs await you in the morning - none too big, if you take the first steps to tending to them.

Miz' Remy


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