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Iraq - Afghanistan

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at MSNBC 5 American soldiers killed south of Baghdad 4 killed in single strike that wounded 4 others during combat operations.

From CNN Four soldiers killed in Afghan fighting.

From Evan Thomas and John Barry, Newsweek, at MSNBC A New Way of War
How do you stop foes who kill with devices built for the price of a pizza? Maybe the question is, can you stop them?.

From the AP at MSNBC Contractors accused of firing on civilians, GIs Huge private force operates in Iraq with little supervision or accountability.

From Steve Fainaru, The Washington Post, at Truthout US Pays Millions In Cost Overruns For Security in Iraq.

From Frida Berrigan at Foreign Policy in Focus Candidates on the Pentagon.

From Matt Stearns of the McClatchy Newspapers at Truthout Bush, Congress Could Collide on Iran.

We have heard a lot of talk, talk, talk from all the candidates - same old, same old posturing, etc - perhaps it is time to demand that they actually do something - even if they are on vacation while these wars rage on, the market wobbles, the housing market is on stand still, New Orleans is losing its water supply - bridges fail - global warming continues - I could sit here all day and list things in need of attention.

As Dr. Einstein once said, 'you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.'

We need new thinking, and since the candidates of all parties cannot seem to do that on their own, it is you they need to write to them, call them, e-mail them with thinking outside of the box of D.C. politics.

Go for it - it is your country. Do you really want these wars to go on indefinitely as the candidates are outlining? Do you really want to engage Iran, Pakistan? The war on terror must be met with diplomacy also - not just fighting - or it will go on forever, ever increasing, ever becoming more deadly.

From Just Foreign Policy If Congress Represented Public Opinion, We'd Have a Veto-Proof Withdrawal Plan. Check out how the people in your state feel. Who is listening to them?

From Paul Sullivan at Veterans for Common Sense Iraq and Afghanistan War Casualties Hit 66,998 - Including 4,077 Killed.

From Darryl E. Owens Homeless Veterans - A Hidden Crisis. Who among the candidates is listening to our Veterans? Who at breakfast tables across America is listening to our Veterans? If it isn't you, change that to change what is happening to them. It is simply not right, morally, politically, spiritually, any way, to make Veterans and not care for them.

That buck stops at the White House and Congress - it begins its passage with you. Pick it up and do what is right.

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Miz' Remy


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