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For Tim O'Brien Fans

By Remy Benoit

   Marilyn Knapp, webmistress of Tim O'Brien, Novelist
notes that some areas and colleges are making The Things They Carried community reading.

  Join Marilyn at Tim O'Brien, Novelist. for discussions of O'Brien's novels, short stories, appearances, etc. Those of you who know his work will enjoy the interviews, short stories, and biography. Those of you who do not yet know O'Brien's work will find some very interesting and important reading.

  More and more areas and universities are beginning to take seriously the work of Vietnam writers and to treat their work as an integral part of American Literature. This appreciation of this body of work will help to lead to the long awaited Welcome Home.

Go to Tim O'Brien, Novelist. and learn about The Things They Carried. As one high school young women wrote to me, "Now I can begin to understand." That, indeed, is a step forward.


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