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Is Your Levee Going to Hold?

By Remy Benoit

Visit with watch the video and take the appropriate action.

Don't depend on D.C. - on FEMA - depend on yourself and also demand that the right work be done the right way.

Joshua Clark can remind of what horror happens when levees don't function properly in Heart Like Water: Surviving Katrina and Life in Its Disaster Zone. My review is there, please read that, and then definitely read Josh's heart tearing account of the power of wind and water to eat lives.

Keep in mind - contractors on a large scale in this area have not yet been paid as promised for their post-Katrina cleanups - where do you think they will be if there is a next one here?

This is a national disgrace - levees, bridges, roads not properly maintained. Check out your area and demand action before a catastrophe.

No, it is not just the Gulf Coast California Levee Risk Now and in the Future: Identifying Research and Tool Development Needs.

If you know of a problem in your area, let me know and I will post it here to help you spread the word.

Keep pushing for proper work being done when and how it should be. It is your country - it needs your voice. You are the PEOPLE.


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