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Homeland Security

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at MSNB September slides into November General needs until November to assess Iraq Odierno tells lawmaker it’s too soon to gauge the impact of troop ‘surge’.

From Senator Robert Byrd at The Huffington Post My Letter to President Bush.

From Arianna Huffington In the Name of Objectivity, Media Clouds the Reality of Terror Report.

From Susan Schmidt, The Washington Post, at MSNB On the trail of an ‘enemy combatant’
Details emerge on Marri’s alleged role in ‘second wave’ of al-Qaeda attacks.

From Andy Stern at The Huffington Post Privatizing the War on Terror: Endangering the Homefront.

From Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post at MSNBC FEMA lawyers nixed trailer tests for toxicity
Lawmakers reveal e-mails suggesting litigation concerns after Katrina.
Doesn't it make you feel good seeing how much your government cares?

From CNN Iraq parliament at full strength just in time for vacation.

From Norman Solomon at Common Dreams From the Grave, a Senator Exposes Bloody Hands on Capitol Hill.

William Prince: Wayne L. Morse: A Political Maverick.

Mike Gravel: Citizen Power: A People's Platform.

Bio: Mike Gravel. Remember those Pentagon Papers. Where is the media today? Where are the facts; where is the news? Real patriots act! Like this one Morrow: Goodnight and Good Luck. Speaking of which, join Keith Olbermann Comment: Go to Iraq and fight, Mr. President.

From Timothy Garton Ash, The Los Angeles Times, an Editorial Iraq hasn't even begun
Consequences from the disaster we could have avoided will plague the world long into the future.

From Marjorie Cohn at Common Dreams Iraqis Will Be the Deciders.

From CBS at Truthout What Should Congress Do About Iraq War Funding?


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