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They are talking, and talking, and talking

By Remy Benoit

From Peter Baker, The Washington Post, at MSNBC Despite talk, Iraq shift unlikely anytime soon
Bush holds commanding position — and votes — in showdown over war.
If courage is, indeed, showing up, no matter how great the fear, then it is the soldiers who are showing it, not those representing them. Where are the Statesmen?

And please, do not drag out Henry Kissinger again.

From the AP at CNN Russia withdraws from arms treaty.

From the New York Times at the Houston Chronicle American troops raid Iraqi police, capture lieutenant
U.S. commanders say they had come under fire at police checkpoint.

A Letter From the IAVA A Letter from IAVA To The Editors of The Nation.

Charles Knight at Common Dreams After Iraq, Pakistan? Is Worrying About Pakistani Nukes Serving To Keep Us In Iraq?.

From George Jahn, the AP, at Truthout Iran Agrees to UN Nuclear Inspection.

Now that the issues are at last being discussed, it is up to the American people to decide; who are we; what are we doing; and who do we want doing it in our names.

Bill Moyers Journal, PBS Tough Talk on Impeachment.


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