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Outsourcing Intel

By Remy Benoit

From Steve Fainaru and Alec Klein, The Washington Post, at MSNBC Iraq's private realm of intelligence-gathering
Firms extend U.S. government's reach.

From CNN NATO, Afghan officials probe report of civilian deaths.

From Hamid Ahmed, the AP, at Truthout US Raids Baghdad Slum; 26 Iraqis Die.

In situations such as these, when who is the insurgent is not easily identifiable, it is quite possible for all kinds of charges to be made, and all kinds of collateral damage to be suffered.

From CBS News at Truthout Poll: Calls to Get Out of Iraq Escalate.

From John Nichols at The Nation Another World Is Possible; Another U.S.A. is Necessary.

From Eleanor Clift, Newsweek, at Truthout Dick Cheney's Dangerous Influence.

From Jemima Lewis, The Independent UK at Common Dreams America Could Do With a Few Feral Beasts
There is a thin line between respectable and supine, and US journalism is on the wrong side.


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