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Visiting Rocky Hollow

By Remy Benoit

The Internet has many critics; some say ‘it takes too much of your time, you can become a computer junkie.’ Perhaps, just perhaps, in some cases that can be true.

But the Internet is an awesome gift. I have said many times to my children how wonderful it would have been in college, in grad school, to have access to it, rather than driving hundreds of miles to seek out a few facts to substantiate a position taken on a paper.

Yet the Internet is much more than a study tool.

It is a connector. It brings the world and its people together as nothing else ever has. How we use that connection is up to us – for the good - or for spewing more disconnection.

The ‘Net allows us to say to the MSM that we would really, really, really, really like it to present us some real news. It allows us to constantly remind incumbents at all levels of government why they were elected – and that they are there, first and foremost to protect our Constitution, our rights, including Habeas corpus. When they don’t, the ‘Net allows us to remind them again, and again, and again that that is what they were elected for.

The ‘Net gives us a means to say there are things seriously wrong in our schools, in our cities, in our tax system, in our health care system – let’s fix them.

The ‘Net allows us to say that there are things still seriously wrong and untended to all along the Gulf Coast and in our beloved N’Awlins and to keep the pressure on to fix them..

The ‘Net lets us again, and again, and again to remind Congress and the Executive that when you make Veterans it is incumbent upon you to care for them with respect, with celerity, with proper loving concern. It is the moral thing to do.

The ‘Net allows us to be there for Veterans who just need someone to tell of the dreams, of the night terrors, of the pain – just to be there to let them know that there are so many of us who really care, and are here, day after day, working to see that they get what they need.

The ‘Net allows us to share books, in my case to review and edit them; to share ideas, to share concerns; to share a vision that we hold and are dedicated to working toward for our country.

The ‘Net allows us to be there via e-mail to tell those dear to us that we are there when
they are hurting – that we are always just an e-mail or a phone call away in a time of need.

The ‘Net allows us to instantly share the joy at a new grandbaby joining a family.

The ‘Net allows us to share our creativity, our arts, our language and to learn those of others.

The ‘Net brings us new friends; friends from distant places; friends we may never actually sit down to table with a cuppa, but friends with whom we share our lives, our concerns, our joys, our outrage at the contemporary mess in our country; and friends with whom we can share possible solutions, and spread the word about them.

The Internet has brought me many friends and today I would like to share some special ones with you. I have reviewed poetry books of Professor Emeritus Al Beck before with you. Al is a Veteran of Korea, a veteran of decades of actions and words to reform our so sinking educational system. He is a poet, a folk singer, an essayist, a husband to his lovely Carmen, a father, and a true patriot with deep concerns for his country. He is a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. To me, it is a deep and precious honor that we share a friendship over many hundreds of miles.

And today I take you to visit with him at Rocky Hollow.

Your comments, concerns, ideas are always welcome.

Miz’ Remy


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