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Iraq and More

By Remy Benoit

From Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post Richard Lugar and John Warner: Crazy Lefties on the Loose!.

From the AP at MSNBC U.S. forces turning to ‘indirect’ war tactics Support grows for uprooting terror havens rather than relying on firefights.

From CNN Police: 20 decapitated bodies found near Baghdad.

From Amy Goodman, Truthdig at Common Dreams Time Is Right for New Pentagon Papers. Perhaps, as well, the information on the CIA since the time of the "family jewels" too. Might clear up a whole lot of things for Joe Citizen.

From The New York Times, An Editorial at Truthout Three Bad Rulings.

From Olga Bonfiglio at Common Dreams Women in Black: Mourning for All Victims of War and Violence.

From Edward Cody, The Washington Post, at MSNBC Text messages giving voice to Chinese
Opponents of chemical factory found way around censors.

From Tom Englehardt, Toms Dispatch at Truthout Surging Past the Gates of Hell.

From Robert Morris, Toms Dispatch, at Truthout The Rise and Rise of Robert Gates: The Specialist (Part 3).

From Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball, Newsweek, at MSNBC Lessons Of The 'Family Jewels'
The CIA says it has left its shady past behind. But has the agency learned from its mistakes—and how much has really changed?.

From Jim Lehrer and Paul Solomon at PBS Experts Calculate Billions in Long-term Costs of War
Congress has approved about $450 billion to date for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but economists also have been tabulating the long-term costs such as veterans' care. Economics correspondent Paul Solman explores the broader costs of the war.

From the National Priorities Project Cost of War. You can find out here directly what it costs your community.

This is what it has cost the soldiers CNN Special Report: U.S. And Coalition Casualties - 3,568 Americans KIA - 26,129+ American WIA. This does not include the disputed numbers of Iraqis dead, wounded, refugees, homeless, etc.

This does not speak to the required, but not forthcoming treatment of PTSD; it does not speak to the overstressed, understaffed, underfunded VA that gives big bonuses to people who keep it that way. It does not speak to destroyed marriages and families. It does not clarify the intensity and severity of brain and spinal injuries.

This does not speak to States left without large proportions of National Guard troops and concomitant equipment.

This does not speak to the ongoing war in Afghanistan and those dying there.

This does not speak to the rise of mercenary forces, pretty much answerable to no one.

This does not speak to a whole world of things. Will you speak to them? <


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