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Iraq/Power/and More

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN U.S. struggles with breadth, depth of war injuries.

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

From Bill Moyers at Common Dreams The Leaders and Ideas to Run the Country.

From William Rivers Pitt at Truthout A Time to Reap.

From Jo Becker and Barton Gellman, The Washington Post at MSNBC Part 3 Guiding decision-making from the back stage
Cheney has been the unseen hand behind major domestic initiatives.

From John Nichols at The Nation Calling Cheney's Bluff.

From William Rivers Pitt at Truthout How Dick Cheney Broke My Mind.

House Res 333.

From Foreign Policy in Focus Take Back American Foreign Policy.

From the AP at MSNBC Key GOP senator says Iraq strategy not working
In blow to Bush, Lugar calls for new approach that downsizes military's role.

From CNN Report blasts U.S. for failures in fighting terrorism.

From Paul Tait at Reuters Six tribal leaders among 50 killed in Iraq.

From Tom Hayden at The Nation A Call to Bring All Troops Home.

From Jim Kuhnhenn at The Huffington Post Court Allows Issue Ads Near Elections.

Considering all the implications of all the above articles, it is time to take a stand - it is time to take back America. Time to get off the couch and protect America.

Down History Lane with Anna Quindlen We've Been Here Before What was the cause, the point, the strategy? Suddenly many Americans started to realize that there was no good answer.

Richard J. Newman Vietnam's forgotten lessons.

Ron Kovic Born on the 4th of July. Video Vets: Interview with Ron Kovic. We MUST stand up for our Veterans - to do less is simply not acceptable, decent, or, indeed, moral. VOTE VETS.


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