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Historic Wildfire

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN Historic wildfire still smolders.

One has to wonder, what kind of help - assistance - will be forthcoming on this one?

From Jon Meacham, Newsweek, at MSNBC What You Need to Know Now.

From Brian Braiker, Newsweek, at MSNBC Dunce-Cap Nation We asked Americans about current events, history and cultural literacy. And we got some pretty disheartening results.

From the BBC UN chief warns on climate change.

From the BBC Billions face climate change risk.

From Jay Reeves, the AP at USA Today Exceptional drought spreading from Alabama into Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia.

This is another kind of awareness that we just don't see to get.

This is also something that we don't seem to get. From Barton Gellman and Jo Becker, The Washington Post at MSNBC Cheney exerts influence out of public view Vice president has shaped his times as no other has before.

Nor do we seem to comprehend this from CNN Nine U.S. troops die in Iraq.

From Stanley J. Kutler at The Nation Who's Afraid of History?. And history includes our lack of care of the planet.

Some things for reflection.

Here are a few more - from Jim Weil, Bloomberg at Truthout Halliburton's Accounting Might Make You Wonder.

From Jim Hightower There may be as many rent-a-troops in Iraq as U.S. military The Bushites have outsourced our government to their pals. The question remains here, what do you do with all these private armies when the war ends? Where do they fit into a democracy? From Source Watch Blackwater. This is also something of which we just don't seem to get the potential.


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