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A Treatment for PTSD?

By Remy Benoit

This is from Brian Braiker, Newsweek, at MSNBC - what do you think?

A Virtual Iraq Doctors are testing a new therapy aimed at helping soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder by having them repeatedly relive the trauma of the battlefield.

From the AP at MSNBC
U.S. deploys 10,000 troops in Iraq offensive Operation seeks to root out al-Qaida militants; coincides with huge blast.


This idea of making some one re-live some fake engagement of combat is just plain scary! This is just plain nuts. Its like beating someone till they get to like it. Shock treatments work better than this idea ever would. In the first place, its not the actual action that screws someone up, its the constant state of readiness that wears you out. It has the same effect on a person as speed does when taken for long periods of time. It re-wires you and there's not much I believe that they will be able to do about it. In our case things were made much worse because of the way we were treated in general by just about everyone. If anything can help us it would be to be treated like the heroes that we all are for doing the job in the first place. Unfortunately that will never happen with this country being so split on just about everything these days. No! this man just wasted alot of taxpayer money. It would have been better spent taking care of guys like some people I know who have to get by on 600.00 a month as his meager compensation for giving his best. There's something terribly wrong with this country and its government when they can't take care of guys like this and spend all this money on making sure the illegals are well taken care of. Its all backwards now, and I can't figure it out. Its like common sense died. Old Willey Nelsen had it right when he said were heading downhill like snowball headed for hell. I can all ready feel the heat. Once again Remy I'd like to thank you for caring. It means a lot to a lot. Mike!

Posted by: Mike Kuehlewind, at 2007-06-20 22:32:21

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