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The Dying Goes On

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at MSNBC 36 killed in fierce battle south of Baghdad
Violence broke out between Shiite militiamen and UK forces, officials say.

From The Guardian, UK and Patrick Wintour at Truthout Iraq on Verge of Genocidal War, Warns Ex-US Official.

From CNN Coalition raids target flow of Iranian aid to insurgents.

From CNN Fathers at war see children 'grow up in pictures'. And mothers do too.

From Jonathan Alter and Newsweek at MSNBC The 'Pull and Strike' Democrats
War critics desperately need a new bumper sticker, a way to commit to withdrawal without looking like surrender monkeys.
Whatever happened to just doing what was right for the country? How many more have to die before someone does it right? Whatever happened to the country pulling together? Red - blue - divisions - can we get beyond them and deal with our problems?

From the AP at MSNBC U.S.-led air raid kills seven Afghan children
Strike followed deadly suicide attack in Kabul; police say suspect detained.

From Caroline Arnold at Common Dreams A New Iliad: The Fixation of Dubya or The Wrath of the American People?.

A suggestion was made one night here, passing time on the front porch, that we just adopt an idea of "Thank You" to a Creator instead of all the conflicting dogmas that we kill each other over. The comment was made that it wouldn't work - that people would immediately break down into conflicting sects that would argue over what "Thank You" meant. Join Paul M. Rodriguez at Ruricolist: History of Thankyouism. for his view on what we are capable of doing to the most simple, straight forward notion. By the way, a "Ruricolist" is someone who lives in the country.

From Bob Herbert of the New York Times at Truthout Flip Side of the Dream.

Again, we survived two world wars and the depression because the vast majority of us pulled together - we have many deep divisions today: soldiers/civilians; corporate golden parachutes/the homeless, including about a quarter million of our Veterans; the haves/and ever growing have-nots; those with health insurance/those without. These are all things that need to be on the table, just like global warming, and just like getting to the truth of what our soldiers are dying for. There are many accountable for all the messes and that accountability starts with the American people for not watching dogging those in Congress, those in the Executive.

We have a Constitution - we really need to live by it, protect it. May we stop the self-interest death dance and start fixing what needs fixing. Ms. Pelosi - we gave you the message - respect that and tend to it. Now - not September - not after another child here, right here, goes sick for lack of care - not after another ulcer is formed because a parent's job was outsourced - not after another child, ours or theirs, moves on before the time to become what they could have been. This is what the American people served up at the Congressional table - that and doing what is right in Iraq, and rational in Afghanistan and as concerns Iran. Be the Beacon on the Hill - take the light and clean up the oh so tarnished lamp holder.

As the world grows ever smaller; as her resources dwindle; as her very life as a planet supporting life is threatened, we must grow ever larger of heart, of soul.

We need to change our paradigm - we need a new mythology - the bottom line is not in dollars, rubles, or yen - the bottom line is in what I call the "Three C's" - Communication, Compassion, and Creativity.

We need to tend our earth garden; we need to tend the gardens of our hearts, not just Americans, but all of us.

We were warned by a General, a President, of the problems of a vast military-industrial complex. We survived MAD. We can survive all of this if we act with reason; if we act with compassion.

Every hungry child diminishes us; every one losing a life on a battleground diminishes us.

Every Veteran we leave untreated for PTSD diminishes us.

Every Darfur diminishes us. Yes, we are all busy; we are all overloaded with sound bytes. We all can't tend the garden in every one of its aspects, but we can each work toward improving one thing that rings with passion for us. Share your ideas here, or join us at The Niquahanam Project: Help to Heal the World.

We already have all that we need to heal the planet - we simply have to get to implementing it, and using it.

There is no place now for denial. Mother Earth is in trouble and we are her keepers.

Are we up to the challenge? Yes, we are. We simply have to do it and stop those who devalue life, pillage the environment, and think in terms of I have to have it all, no matter the price to others or to the planet.

Like our Veterans, the earth has been there for us. Now we must be there for her, or we won't be here at all. As always, it is a matter of choice.

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And there is Rep.Kucinich's Bill for those of you interested HRes333.


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