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By Remy Benoit

From the AP and The Washington Post Lieberman: U.S. Should Weigh Iran Attack.

From the AP at Troops Struggle With Finding Therapists.

From Teri Weaver at Stars and Stripes Servicemembers overcome exhaustion to work on college degrees
while downrange.

From Joe Lauria at The Progressive Maverick Mike Gravel.

Mike Gravel: Citizen Power.

From Helen Thomas, the Hearst Newspapers, and The Seattle Post Intelligencer President Bush heats up the Cold War.

A New York Times Editorial at Common Dreams The Democrats Lag on Warming.

From Garrison Keillor at The Baltimore Sun Making a case for simple life in a small town.

From the AP at CBS Dean: Only A Democrat Will End Iraq War
Party Chair Blames White House And GOP In Congress For Failing To End Unpopular War.

From Patrick Cockburn, The Independent, UK, at Truthout UN Warns of Five Million Iraqi Refugees.

From Amitabh Pal at The Progressive Kurdish Issue Will Explode in Bush’s Face.

Jonathan Hafetz and Legal Times at Truthout Let Torture Into Court.

From Daniel Vallin at Common Dreams Separate and Not Equal– the G8 Reveals our Apartheid Style Democracy.


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