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Vietnam: A Journey of Healing with Dr. Ed Tick

By Remy Benoit

October 21 - November 6, 2007

Led by Ed Tick, PhD with Tran Dinh Song

When we first went to war in Viet Nam we knew little of its heritage, history or people. Even now, after so many Americans served and died there, we have still learned little. The war is three decades behind us yet Viet Nam remains a mystery. But Viet Nam is a country, not a war, with an impressive history, culture and spirituality that Americans can know and that can contribute to our healing.

No matter your age or background, as an American you have a relationship to Viet Nam. The war has intertwined our histories and destinies forever. The beauty and complexity of Viet Nam is available to us. We can heal our rift with that country and with ourselves.

All members of the Viet Nam generation, veterans and non-veterans alike, are especially welcome on this journey in which we will explore this ancient land as well as sites important to the war itself. Younger and older Americans are encouraged to accompany us to learn the lessons of our war, discover the richness and beauty of Viet Nam, and find peace.

We will visit Viet Nam's two major cities, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi, the Mekong Delta, and numerous towns, villages, religious and country sites. The final itinerary will be set according to the interests of travelers, with priority given to veterans and their healing needs. We will juxtapose sites important to our war with sites representing Viet Nam's beauty and ancient civilization. We will immerse equally in our own personal and American histories and the Vietnamese culture itself. We will not remain outsiders, but will also practice acts of charity and restoration, hold reconciliation groups with Vietnamese veterans, visit and serve the war-wounded, and participate in Buddhist healing rituals and practices.

This journey will provide you with a full immersion in the Viet Nam of the Vietnamese people as well as the Viet Nam of our veterans. Join us on this unique and unforgettable journey of exploration and education, healing and reconciliation. Help our vets and countries heal.

Leaders: Dr. Edward Tick is the journey leader. Ed is founder and director of Soldier's Heart: Veterans' Healing Initiatives. He has specialized in facilitating veterans' healing for almost 30 years. Ed's books include WAR AND THE SOUL: HEALING OUR NATION'S VETERANS FROM POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and THE GOLDEN TORTOISE: VIET NAM JOURNEYS. Tran Dinh Song is our in-country guide. Song is a southern air force veteran, linguist, teacher, tour guide and expert in American studies and international relations. Together they bring profound love, compassion, knowledge and experience of our two cultures in war and peace to our journeys. This will be the seventh journey that Ed and Song have guided together.

Cost: $3,000 for complete land package, plus air fare at time of purchase. To keep our experience highly personal with a focus on healing, growth and learning, capacity is limited to 12.

For further information:
Edward Tick, PhD
Soldier's Heart
P.O. Box 8564
Albany, NY 12208
Mentor the Soul.
email: Info at Mentor the Soul.


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