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Heavy Casualties Since Last Memorial Day

By Remy Benoit

"In peace the sons bury their fathers, but in war the fathers bury their sons."

The Cost of the Iraq War.

From the AP and MSNBC Nearly 1,000 soldiers killed in Iraq in past year Deaths since last Memorial Day speak to shifting strategy, rising dangers. This is approximately equivalent to 33 classrooms of young people; the size of many whole schools. This is not counting the seriously wounded; the PTSD.

From CNN 16 'directly related' to U.S. troops' capture held.

From the AP at U.S. Deaths Near Grim Memorial Day Mark.

From the AP at CNN Iran says it's uncovered spy rings from U.S., allies.

From Reuters, Sayed Salahuddin at Truthout US Show of Force in Gulf Alarming: Afghan paper.

From Robert Parry and Consortium News at Truthout Grieving Moms vs. Washington Pols.

By Thom Patterson and CNN at Truthout Iraq Vet: "My Brain Will Not Let Go".

For AJ and all the others who find yourselves in such pain, do read Ed Ticks War and the Soul. and do visit with Dr. Ed and his staff at Sanctuary. as they can, and will, help you.

From David Corn at The Nation The Dems' Self-Defeat on the Irar War Vote.

From The Washington Post, Steve Fainaru and Saad al-Izzi at MSNBC U.S. security contractors open fire in Baghdad Blackwater employees were involved in 2 shooting incidents in past week.

From the AP at War Widows Lobby for Better Benefits.

Mr. Cheney, who had 'better things to do' than go to 'Nam Cheney delivers call to arms at West Point VP warns graduates that ‘nobody can promise us we won’t be hit again’.

From Joe Strupp at Truthout McClatchy's DC Bureau Claims It's Barred From Defense Secretary Plane.

For those of you who are interested Draft Gore.

Al Gore: The Assault on Reason.

Al Gore: An Inconvenient Truth.

From The New York Times, an Editorial at Truthout War Without End.


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