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We are back to the meaning of words again

By Remy Benoit

  What does the word PATRIOT mean to you?

  Do you consider yourself a PATRIOT?
  Is that a mind-set word or an action word to you?

  During WWII, one of the signs of Patriotism was having a Victory Garden. From an old radio AD:

You can have vegetables lots of them on your table next winter.
You can have your own fresh vegetables on your table this summer, if you have
your own Victory Garden.
Yes, there's no restriction on home canning and home processing of vegetables and
garden fruits and berries.
Plan your Victory Garden now.
Get your garden plot lined up.
      Get the advice of a garden expert if you need it and be prepared to Grow Your
Own for Victory.
Join a Garden Club or a Community Garden Movement, or share a garden with
your neighbor.
You can help win the battle of food production You can help our fighting men get
the food they need.
You can help save the vital metals used in commercial canning if You Grow Your
Own Your Own Victory Garden in 1943.
For further information write to :
Victory Gardens
Washington, D.C.

Victory Gardens
Washington, D.C.

  If Patriotism is an action word, what acts of patriotism were counted as such by non-combatants during the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the current engagements?

  What support was/is given to the troops from the homefront?

  What exactly does the word mean?

  Consider too that those with whom one is engaged have their own definition of the word.

  And while we are thinking about that one, can anyone come up with a workable definition of STATESMAN?  

If you have some ideas about these words, write to me at FEEDBACK above and share them with us. If you want what you say posted, please so indicate that and how you would like it signed.
From CNN and By Janny Scott of The New York Times: The Changing Face of Patriotism.

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