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Sentiments grow negative

By Remy Benoit

With heavy tolls this weekend in Iraq and Afghanistan, public sentiment continues to become more negative towards the American troops.

From Newsweek, Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau at MSNBC Collateral Disasters In Afghanistan's lopsided ethos, every civilian death counts against the Americans.

From the AP, Robert H. Reid, at Truthout Bombs Kill Eight American Soldiers in Iraq. At least 95 Iraqis dead.

From The Los Angeles Times, an Editorial at Truthout BRING THEM HOME.

From The Independent, UK, Leo Docherty at Common Dreams We Soldiers Once Assumed Our Political Bosses Would Not Lie to Us. That is Over. We realized the actual issue was about long-term access to oil.

From The Independent, UK, Michael Mansfield at Common Dreams The Emperor has No Clothes: The World is Returning to the Law of the Jungle, Thanks to Bush and Blair.

From the AP at 'War Czar' Search Continues.

From Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post Benchmarks: Yet Another Bush Mirage Shimmering in the Iraqi Desert?


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