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Reality Checks

By Remy Benoit

What this administration doesn't seem to get is that they, like all the rest of us, live under a Constitution that has a specific framework - ah, like the Balance of Power.

Seems Ms. Rice will not accept the subpoena. From the AP and MSNBC Rice signals rejection of House subpoena
Says she's already answered questions; hints at use of executive privilege.

From the AP and House OKs Iraq Withdrawal Bill. The President says he will veto this bill - the people, by majority, say, end this war. The Mission was not, nor will it be, accomplished by military means - diplomacy - far reaching - level headed - reality based - is needed.

From American Forces Press Service, Fred W. Baker III and Warrior Transition Brigade Activated.

From the AP and Army's Vet Care Problems Widespread. It is wrong, just wrong, to make Veterans and not properly care for them - no "I'm sorries" mean anything, for them any more than it does for the Gulf Coast.

From Joe Galloway at Bush's Strategy Demands the Draft.

From CNN U.S. prison chief in Iraq charged with 'aiding enemy'.

From Robert Scheer at Truthdig through Common Dreams Bush Blames The Troops.

Paul Wolfowitz, one of the architects of the Iraq War, is now being told he should step down. From Reuters and Jeff Mason at Truthout. EU Lawmakers Call for Wolfowitz to Step Down.

From Deniz Yeter at Truthout Four Million Displaced as Civil War Deepens Iraqi Refugee Crisis.

The answers to the why of all this are slowly surfacing. Perhaps this is yet another piece of the puzzle...From The Free Press, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman at Truthout Are Rove's Missing Emails the Smoking Guns of the Stolen 2004 Election?.

From PBS and Bill Moyers' Journal Buying the War.

From Move On Emergency Veto Rally.

It is time to move away from partisan politics - the members of the House and the Senate need to be Americans first, politicos second.

From John Murtha at Truthout Chairman Murtha to Bush: Sign the Iraq Accountability Act.

From US Today, Mark Memmott and Jill Lawrence Kucinich says it's more 'practical' to impeach Cheney than Bush.

The first debate is tonight - if you do not hear valid answers, programs, solutions, demand them. Death walks with heavy crushing feet in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in many other places - while the will of the American people is being ignored. If you will not stand up now, when will you? Our Veterans need care; this war needs an end; Iraq/Afghanistan need resolution; the planet needs care. Darfur needs care - many other places, including here, need care. Enough posturing - enough empty words and procrastination.

Elections should not be personality campaigns - we need resolution of all of the above and...poverty, health the Gulf Coast...and gee, dare I mention FEMA? When will you say enough - make these things work right and do it now?


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