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Earth Day Weekend

By Remy Benoit

From the Christian Science Monitor and Bill McKibben Finally, an Earth Day with promise For many years, it was a hollow joke. But this year, we're on the cusp of real progress.

Reading the comments in the above article is a fascinating experience. There are those who know that we can do better for the living organism that supports our lives; there are those in total denial; there is one person involved in some vast 'conspiracy theory' wonderland.

Let's look at this rationally - if your roof was leaking, you would fix it. If your pickup truck wasn't moving, you would take it to a mechanic. If you had a rotting tooth causing you pain, you would have it removed before the infection spread and you were left toothless.

And yet, we seem to have a very difficult time accepting the fact that our actions, inactions, impact on the planet.

Why is that?

Is it because we want it to function the way we do? That we wish to impose our will on it and expect it to just accept that, with no negative outcome? Are we still in the Baconian frame of mind that we can "torture" out of nature what we want? Do we expect do reaction from the planet for that?

In this essay, the author notes how many treat a 'house in the country.' He is right - this is what is done in many, many instances. Join P.M. Rodriguez at the Ruricolist for A House in the Country.

The Earth Policy Institute and Lester R. Brown have some ideas on how we can move to care for the planet, change our mindsets. Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble.

From Vanity Fair and Frederick Turner Eco-Justice The Supreme Court sided with environmentalists in two recent cases. Was this a preview of more good legal news to come?.

From John and Teresa Heinz Kerry This Moment On Earth. All proceeds to environmental causes.

We act, consistently, using up resources without looking back at what we have left in our wake.

It is the same thing that we do with our Veterans - send the soldiers to war and then not look back at what is left of shattered lives, hearts, souls, and minds. We are as careless with them as we are with the planet.

Join Larry Winters, a Marine who served in the green, learned, up close and personal, what neglect, misuse, and ignorance of what war does to those who fight it feels like. The Making and Un-making of a Marine. Please, click on the section that says "Poetry" and listen to the pain in its heartbeat.

Just as we are complicit in the pain of the planet, we are complicit in the pain of our Veterans.

We need to choose healing for both.

From Kelley Kennedy and Army Times at Truthout Soldier Says He Was Deployed With Head Injury.

Thank you, Senator Testor Tester introduces Rural Veterans Healthcare Improvement Act of 2007 Bipartisan bill improves access to health care for Montana vets.


/from Legislation to Help Vets with Burn Injuries.


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