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Casualties Continue to Mount and Questions Continue to be Raised

By Remy Benoit

   Our two missing soliders have been found - dead.

   The "insurgency" continues.

   The questions grow stronger.
From CNN: Remains of missing U.S. soldiers found.

From Time Online: Iraq is Not Vietnam, But...Tony Karon's Weblog: Mounting guerrilla campaign against U.S. forces has hacks and grunts reaching for Apocalypse Now.

While our troops continue in this dangerous situation, the loyal opposition continues to question:

From Veterans For Common Sense, the full  text of Senator Byrd's Speech:

"The Road to Coverup Is the Road to Ruin" The Honorable Robert C. Byrd United States Senate Posted 6/24/2003 8:31:34 PM>

While the nation supports the troops who are engaged, there are many    questions  being raised from a wide variety of groups within the country.  Move On. is sponsoring a petition that asks for a bicameral investigation of the position that took us to war with Iraq. Questioning  has always been both the right and the obligation of the people of this country.

Our prayers are with the families of those who have been wounded and killed in action. Once again, they have given all they have in the defense of their country. Let us remember that; let us be there for those who do come home.  The VA can't do it all;  especially with huge budget cuts.   Be sure to not only say Welcome Home; ask how you  can help with readjustment to civilian life, with needs of their families.  

May God Continue to Bless America.                            


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