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Ancient Child Bones, Perhaps Sacrificed, Found

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and Mark Stevenson at MSNBC Ancient child sacrifices found in Mexico
Remains of two dozen apparent victims date back 1,000 years.

In today's world we find the idea of child sacrifice abhorrent. Even though we do not really understand weather, the coming of rain, the coming of killer hurricanes, we would probably not sacrifice a child, or children, to appease a god of rain.

There was some outrage at the conditions at Walter Reed, etc., but I am not hearing the public voice today concerning the dying, the injuries, the soul pieces flying off of our Veterans. They are us; they are not separate from us. We don't seem to understand that, or to listen to those combat "elders" from whom we might learn much. We might even learn to not engage in war unless we are absolutely positive there is a reason for it.

Yet we do work harder for war, much, much harder than we do for peace and we are willing, constantly, to sacrifice the lives of our young to the insatiable gods of war.

We find it terrible, in the truest sense of the word, that ancient Aztecs ripped out the living hearts of victims, and yet we constantly refuse to see our combat soldiers come back from the battlefield with their bodies, their hearts, their souls shred to pieces.

From the AP and MSNBC Four blasts rock Baghdad, killing at least 66 U.S. troops arrest militants in raid; large store of nitric acid discovered.

From Amnesty International at Truthout Iraq: New Humanitarian Crisis Looms as More Than Three Million Iraqis Displaced by War.

From CNN Iran warns would-be attackers. This is a stance of a nation feeling pushed. Their president goes over the line, constantly. And we refrain from direct, sit down at the table, negotiations. War is easier. But not really; just ask any Veteran.

When we get tired of a war, when we want to bring the troops, what message do we give them about the meaning of the fight we have engaged them in? What meaning are they left with? We want to bring them home to save their lives; that the war was wrong to begin with? What do leave them to fight for? It is no wonder when they do come home they have deep trouble knowing who we are; what their country is; what their sacrifice has been for.

No, we must engage in war too recklessly.

We must communicate with our "elders" who know what war really is.

We must show our Veterans respect.

And we, as a People, must decide who we are, and act on that. We can start by demanding decent care for our Veterans, and then we can think about ways to prevent the wanton making of more.


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