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Notes From the Front Porch

By Remy Benoit

The front that is causing havoc in some areas went through here yesterday. This morning it is chilly, and quite windy, but beautiful with the spring greens shimmering in the wind.

As I sat on the front porch watching the loving attention that the mother cat is giving to her three kittens, the thought occurred to me of how vulnerable so many life forms are to the actions of humans.

We have made, continue to make, bombs and other weapons that quite literally eat the planet.

We neglect, and abuse, nature and the gifts she has given us.

We brutalize each other with war, with lack of communication, with ignorant hatred.

As I looked at the trees, at my roses, dancing in the wind, the Creator I see, the Creator by whatever name you choose, manifested something incredibly beautiful, abundant, and, indeed, so intricate.

Perhaps we need to back up; back away from the everyday and look around at the Creation.

Perhaps we need to look to the very heart and soul of our individual and collective dogmas and maybe there we will find that the brutality we espouse, the brutality we inflict on each other, on nature, is not at the core of our beliefs. Perhaps there is love there; perhaps we can recognize that we are not acting lovingly.

If, and if is an enormous word, but what if we had spent the energy and the money we have on all the wars since, well, maybe just 1914, on collective efforts to make life better for all, what would the world look like, what would the world be today?

That is a what if that is worth pondering. And what if we thought about changing the brutality to something better, today?

If each of us simply did one loving thing today, one thing that would foster understanding, foster compassion, consider the ripple effect...who knows where that might lead. Personally, I would like to see where that would lead if each of us did one simple thing a day to be better caretakers of the planet, and of each other.

"The conclusion is always the same: Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy of the world.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Words are a great part of the power we have to use. Words firm up thoughts, send thoughts, ideas, indeed, new creation, out into the universe that we barely understand. That is the importance of writing, the sharing of thoughts, the communication of thoughts.

The essay is an old form of "keeping track" of life. I am pleased to direct your attention to a new blog concerned with the essay. The first of this series is posted now; a new essay will appear each Friday. Do visit with P.M. Rodriguez at The Ruricolist.



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