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Feeding the Surge

By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC 12,000 more Guard troops may be going to Iraq
Deployment order planned to lessen ‘surge’s’ strain on stretched-thin Army.

From John Murtha at The Huffington Post My Response to the President's Veto Threat.

From the AP and MSNBC Cheney reasserts al-Qaida-Saddam connection
Vice president’s words come as latest Pentagon report again dismisses link.

From The Progressive, Matthew Rothschild at Common Dreams Bush Plays Superhero in Iraq.

From William Rivers Pitt at Truthout The American Tragedy of John McCain.

From Newsweek, Voices of the Fallen: Letters Home. Do you have the courage to read these words of those who gave their lives in this war? Do you have the courage to feel their pain - to at least in this way honor their passing? War is ugly - we need to get that.

From CNN and Michael Ware U.S. protects Iranian opposition group in Iraq.

Down History Lane with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Truthout Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.

From NOW, PBS Programming at Truthout Losing the War for Hearts and Minds in the Middle East.

Sometimes we need to look at the larger picture. AT MSNBC, Rabbi Gellman with Newsweek speaks to this question Problems and Mysteries
The debate about whether God is real misses the true nature of the question. Here’s why.

From Reuters at MSNBC Experts warn warming will harm society, nature
U.N. says climate change Africa could be hit harder than other regions.

From the AP and CNN Study: Climate change could bring new U.S. Dust Bowl.

From the AP and CNN Scientists: Lake Superior warming rapidly.

There are several inconvenient truths that we have to face: we are too quick to sacrifice our young to the insatiable gods of war without proper determinations that what we are being told is true; we kill each other in the name of our respective God; we are poor caretakers of this fragile planet.

None of these indicate mature behavior. As to the future of this planet, as to what we leave our children and grandchildren, well, we are the Deciders and we need to get up and do what must be done. We need to do that NOW. Dr. King was right, there is a time to break silence, and it is that time.

From MSNBC and Mike Taibbi In Iraq, the war away from the headlines Sadness, frustration on display as 3rd ID carries out its mission.

And, some thoughts from Noam Chomsky at Tom Paine What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?.


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