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UK Sailors Home Again

By Remy Benoit

While there is rejoicing that the UK Sailors are home again (From the AP and MSNBC U.K. personnel arrive home after Iran captivity
Blair welcomes return, but calls for more international pressure on Tehran.
) their country mourns the loss of four soldiers, the largest number lost in one day since Nov. 12.

Also from the AP and MSNBC, yet another Blackhawk Down U.S. helicopter goes down, Iraqi official says
Gunmen reportedly fired on Black Hawk as it few over Sunni stronghold.

From Richard Engel's War Zone Diary at MSNBC Engel: ‘I’ve seen so many ugly things’ 'I have so many memories I am not sure people are equipped to deal with,' says NBC correspondent Richard Engel, on his four years covering the war.

Richard, do share the ugly images of war with the public. They will continue to support these failures of diplomacy until they truly face the wretchedness, the insatiable face of war. Our prayers and our thanks are with you; with all of you over there. Ah, remember when Over There was supposed to be for the 'war to end all wars'?

For those of you too young to remember - from The First World Vintage Audio: Over There. Again, somethings to think about.

A Reminder: if you have not seen Joyeux Noel. do so. Keep in mind, this was early on in the war when they still had thought the mission would be accomplished and that they would be home for Christmas, 1914. Those who made it home for another Christmas, after countries having lost almost an entire generation of their young, didn't make it home for the holidays until 1918, or later.

Why can't we get that war is ugly?

From Global Spiral, the Metanexus Institute, and Eric Weislogel Whatever Happened to Wisdom?.


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