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U.S. Forces Lose More Than Iraqi Forces

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and MSNBC U.S. death toll in March twice that of Iraq forces
81 American troops killed in first full month of security crackdown.

There were 83 KIA in January, 80 in February, which bring the death toll to 3,246.

For Iraqi civilians from December - 2,172; for January - 1604; for February - 1,552;
for March - 1,872.

WIA for U.S. Forces - 24,314 + From CNN Forces: U.S. & Coalition Casualties.

These above are not numbers, they are people whose lives have ended, whose lives have been forever altered as war leaves none of its survivors the same.

According to one report, 1,200 American kids have lost a parent.

From Tanya Biank at Leaving War on the Battlefield. But the fact is, war is not left on the battlefield; it is carried, for life, by those who know it.

The Congress majority needs to stop going halfway to resolve this issue. The President needs to hear the voice of the people. That is the real surge.

From Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity at Tom Paine Unwise Brinkmanship In Iran.

From the AP and MSNBC Olmert invites Arab leaders to peace conference Israeli PM denies reports of joint strike with U.S. on Iran, Syria, Lebanon.


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