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Bush and Iran

By Remy Benoit

   President Bush said he " will not tolerate " nuclear weapons in Iran.

From the New York Times and David E. Sanger:
Bush Says U.S. Will Not Tolerate Building of Nuclear Arms by Iran By DAVID E. SANGER.
   From Iraq and, a familiar vocabulary begins to emerge:
Vietnam War Terms Make a Comeback By Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service.

  From Irag, The Boston Globe and 56 US Troops Killed in Iraq in 9 Weeks Robert Schlesinger and Amber Mobley>
   From the Washington Post: Lawmakers Begin Iraq Intelligence Hearings White House Continues To Defend War Decision By Walter Pincus and Dana Priest.

   From the Washington Post and the Associated Press: British Parliament Opens WMD Inquiry Former Cabinet Ministers Say Intelligence Was Manipulated By Jill Lawless.

   From the Times of London: Stop bleating about WMD and listen to how Nasir's mother was executed in a pit Ann Clwyd.

   And for those who don't remember, or  recognize the name: The Legacy of Pol Pot.
   Cambodian Genocide Program.


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