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The Falklands War 25 Years Later

By Remy Benoit

Mack sent this to me tonight from across the Atlantic.

From The Independent, UK The fallen & the forgotten: The Falklands War, 25 years on Tony McNally is still haunted by the day, 25 years ago, when his missiles malfunctioned and he watched his comrades die aboard the stricken 'Sir Galahad' in the Falklands. Paul Bignell reports.

Although his war was 25 years ago, what he saw will never leave him.

He is a staunch, and very vocal, advocate of treatment for soldiers and veterans and has devoted his life to trying to help get them the physical care, and the care for PTSD that they need. Mack knows only too well what living with PTSD means.

He is very concerned by the fact that Veteran hospitals are being closed in the UK, just as we are very concerned here about the conditions in our Veteran facilities.

You may read my review of Mack's Cloudpuncher. here at WHS.

You may join him at his website Rogue Gunner: The Thoughts of a Falklands Veteran.

His new book Watching Men Burn: The Falklands War, and What Came Next a Soldier's Story. comes out in May.

Perhaps Mack's story will help to get some of us thinking about what we are sending men, and women, to face when we send them to war. Perhaps his story will help us to understand what we owe them.

Perhaps, also, his story will make us push for more diplomacy - once we put the idea of war, of enemy, out there in the air we begin to make it our reality by separating them from us in a very negative way.

Just like everything else in our lives, it is all in the choices.

We need to choose, all over the world, to take care of the Veterans we have made - yes, we have made. No buck passing here.

Once again, please, everyone read this book - you need to begin to know what our soldiers and veterans know or you will not understand, nor be able to help them. Please do not say this is too hard to read, to face. This is what we send them to know, and live with for the rest of their lives. We owe them at least an effort to try to learn to understand that we must listen to what they try to tell us.Ed Tick: War and the Soul., and then go to visit Sanctuary. and maybe there is something you can do to help.


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