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Sharing the Planet

By Remy Benoit

  I have just moved back to the country. I believe there is something in us Boomers that draws us back to the land.
Two  huge live oaks stand centinnel in the  front yard that you come to from a lumpy, bumpy road. Across  the road from us is the Global Wildlife Center, so when I  get my mail, I am greeted by all sorts of our co-habitors on this planet grazing in innocence, unaware of the capabilities for destruction of their human brothers.
  When dark falls here, it is a deep, deep penetrating dark that even blinks out the massive live oaks.
  A rooster crows in the morning, a horse pastures on the bumpy road.

  It is a good reminder that once all was not cement, city lights and parking lots. It is a good place to  touch Creation. So when I read Jane Goodall's words this morning they stuck home.
  What is our responsibility to this tiny blue planet, and how long will we keep it vital?

Devastating the Earth By Jane Goodall, Resurgence June 16, 2003.


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