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Down History Lane: The Pentecost of Calamity

By Remy Benoit

Perhaps you will recognize the name Owen Wister as a writer of the individualist Western cowboy spirit. Perhaps he is best know for his work The Virginian.From Harvard Magazine and Castle Freeman Jr. Owen Wister Brief life of a Western mythmaker: 1860-1938.
From Medicine Bow, Wyoming Medicine Bow Origin and History: A History of Owen Wister.

But today, going Down History Lane, I am asking you to take a look at another book of his; a book that will speak to us today by learning from 1915. Mr. Wister, who was born in my home town of Philadelphia, can remind you of the staunch, barn raising, cattle driving, skyscraper building American - I CAN. Remember those words of FDR:
Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.

We have HUGE problems to solve. The call is out, answer it; use your voice to help come to good, solid, and reasonable solutions.

You know where your President is; where your Congressmen are.

Give them a call - give them the proverbial 'piece of your mind.' And do, also, remind them about manners which were much in absence yesterday in the Senate.

You have the CHOICE to prevent another calamity; or an ongoing calamity; get to it.

After all, there is only one of you with your particular perspective. Perhaps YOU are THE ONE with THE IDEA to prevent further calamity in any one of a number of areas.

Think of it this way - suppose someone at the Corps of Engineers had dug a little deeper, checked a little more closely, noticed land subsidence. What difference would that have made to our beloved New Orleans?

What if the all people who knew, and there are a lot of them, well placed who knew, all these decades about the ongoing problems our Veterans faced in getting help, kept writing, calling newspapers, websites, government and shouting out loud, FIX THIS, would these problems be only making headlines now?

If you know your levee out on the West Coast is inadequate, start shouting now!

If you know your bridge somewhere out in the heartland is sickly, start shouting now!

If your city's streets are filled with the homeless, start shouting now!

Don't be the person who didn't; be the person who could - and did. Remember that little red engine from when you were growing up; that one that...could...could...could...DID!

Miz' Remy


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