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This is Our Country

By Remy Benoit

I cannot begin to express the outrage that I feel at what is exposed in the following article.

From the AP and CNN Defective pumps used to protect New Orleans
Corps of Engineers defends supplier, says pumps were better than nothing.

How could we possibly explain what Katrina was like for those who did not experience it? To see that the city was once again put in the path of danger is simply unacceptable.

Also from CNN and The Washington Post with Peter Baker and Michael Abramowitz White House crises show new accountability
Bush faces opposition Congress with subpoena power.

On the global front, from MSNBC Forests still shrinking, but not as fast
U.N. agency report tracks deforestation around the world.
If you haven't see Al Gore's, An Inconvenient Truth., perhaps you should.

On the soldiering front from Christian Lowe and Mental Illness Plagues Current Vets.

Tonight I sat and listened to John Mellencamp sing Our Country. Take the time to visit with John and listen to the words to this song. Perhaps it is time that we remembered that, in fact, this is our country. It does not belong to a handful of people making bad decisions for us.

Wake up, America.

Stand up, America.

Use your voice for what is right.


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