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Halliburton, Gonzales, National ID Cards, and More

By Remy Benoit

From CNN Halliburton opening Dubai headquarters
Oilfield services company plans United Arab Emirates office to expand mideast business.

From the Los Angeles Times and Walter F. Roche Jr.
Gonzales is urged to quit 'for the nation' Sen. Charles Schumer says the attorney general has politicized the Justice Department.'

From The New York Times and Common Dreams The Failed Attorney General.

From The McClatchy Newspapers, Ron Hutcheson, Marisa Taylor and Margaret Talev at Common Dreams White House Says Rove Relayed Complaints About Prosecutors.

From The AP, Calvin Woodward and Yahoo News Beyond Iraq, '08 issues starting to form.

From the Electronic Privacy Information Center National ID Cards and REAL ID Act.

From C/Net News and Declan McCullagh Maine rejects Real ID Act.

From the AP and MSNBC Bush adds funds to increase troop request
President seeks $3.2B to pay for 8,200 more troops than previously planned.

From the AP and Bombers Strike With Deadly Efficiency.

From Tina Richards and Common Dreams How Will We End this War?.

From Joe Galloway at Troops Deserve Decent Treatment.


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