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More Funding Sought for Vet Care

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN Democrats say wounded vets treated 'on the cheap'.

While it is blatantly true that care for our Veterans has been a low priority issue, this is a long, long standing issue and it is not one to play partisan politics with.

It is a job that needs doing, just as adequate training and supplies are for active duty soldiers.

Getting those jobs done is up to you; pressure must be kept on those doing the funding and the supplying.

This is another aspect of the Veteran care problem. National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Of course, our Veterans are not the only one living on the streets HUD Homes & Communities.

There are others who do not have, nor can they afford, healthcare National Coaltion on Health Care.

Taking care of these is part of real homeland security, as is taking care of the country's infrastructure, manufacturing abilities, education, environment.

From the AP and CNN Report outlines global warming's effects.

Did you ever notice that American ends in I can? We are a "can do" nation, if, as we have proven many times over, we do it together. Just think of it as a national barn raising on a major scale, put on those overalls, and let's get to it. If it means we need another CCC and WPA, then let's do it. You can also help Habitat for Humanity who is doing the work wherever it needs doing, and has done spectacular work down here. Habitat for Humanity. Think maybe you could pledge them $10 a month? It is not so much, but it does go such a long, long way. Our thanks to their work down here - you are, indeed, a great blessing and can do people! Visit Musicians' Village and see what spectacular work had been done here.


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