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Bring them home....when?

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and MSNBC House Dems face uphill battle to end Iraq war
White House issues veto threat over 'date certain' measure.

From the Orange County Register Military families speak on House Democrats plan for troop withdrawal.

From the San Francisco Chronicle and Edward Epstein DEMS SEEK SHOWDOWN ON WAR House, Senate leaders to push legislation that would force Bush to withdraw troops.

From Robert Dreyfus and Tom Paine Iraq: Pulled Out Or Pushed Out.

And on the Iranian "front", this from the San Francisco Times and Maggie Farley U.S. and Iran have been talking, quietly
Despite little public dialogue, the foes share a sliver of common ground: an interest in Mideast security and resources.

If you do not like the idea of a war with Iran
Stop Iran War. Visit with Jim Webb and learn about his bill at VB Dems Webb bill bars funding for military action against Iran.

On related issues:

Keith Olberman and MSNBC at Truthout Joe Wilson: Time for Bush/Cheney to Come Clean.

From ABC Brian Ross and Vic Walter Report Says FBI Violated Patriot Act Guidelines.

From Keith Olberman, Countdown, and MSNBC Libby: The Big Picture.John Dean: Worse Than Watergate. John Dean: Conservatives Without Conscience.

From Editor and Publisher Rep. Waxman Announces Congressional Hearings on Libby Leak -- Plame May Testify.

And at the grassroots level, these two stories. From The Times Record of Maine and Rachel Ganong Grassroots effort under way to force impeachment of Bush and Cheney. From the Vermont Guardian, Shay Totten & Christian Avard Vermont: 36 towns call for impeachment probe of president.


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