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More Trouble for Incumbents

By Remy Benoit

From The McClatchy Newspapers, Joe Galloway, and Truthout A Suggestion for Probing Our Shameful Treatment of Fallen Troops.

From Patrick McElwee of Just Foreign Policy. and Truthout Reckless Disregard: US May Be Supporting Terrorists, Endangering Its Own Citizens.

From The Washington Post, Peter Baker, and MSNBC Libby verdict reflects new scrutiny
Conviction of White House aide hangs over Bush team.

From The Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington Why the Libby Verdict Is So Damning.

From the AP and Walter Reed Uproar Refuels Iraq Debate.

From Dave Lindorff at Common Dreams Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story.

From William Fisher and Truthout New Tests for the Supreme Court.

One can't help but wonder just how much of this would be happening if Gerry Ford had not pardoned Nixon and let justice run its course?

From The San Francisco Chronicle and Pete McCloskey When politics infects justice.

From the AP and CNN Fired U.S. attorneys allege political pressure.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, from CNN Iraq attacks on Shiite pilgrims claim more than 120 lives.

From CNN and Nic Robertson Iraq refugee: 'I feel disaster' as crisis grows.

While the hearings and investigations go on, remember these faces and what we owe them on oh, so many, many levels Forces: U.S. & Coalition Casualties. Honor them the best ways possible with care for their injuries, help for their families, and the truth beneath the reasons for all of their sacrifices. I agree with Joe Galloway - let the moms sit on the investigative board and clean up the mess. It would go a whole lot faster.


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